City As A Laboratory


Year: 2010 Category: Print, Concept

Together with Hannah Bonjer, Reinier Bosch, Merlijn Michon and Floris Douma  did a project for the city of Eindhoven. Getting your car parked in the middle of city centre can be a frustrating and time consuming business, not to mention expensive. Eindhoven is relatively car friendly but the city is thinking ahead, and is planning for cars to park at the edge of the city and transport to the centre continues by bus. To make these Transferia more suiting future user needs Eindhoven asked teams of designers to come up with ideas and concepts. 

Transferia increase the mobility and combat traffic jams, but how can they -in the near future - meet the changing needs of the human pace and the upcoming alternatives to fossil fuels? What to do with the growing demand for parking spaces and the increased demand for public transport? Is the transferium sufficient for these needs in its present form?

In this design proposal, the possible answers to these questions are approached by incorporating transferia into the future life of man and car. The transferium concept is published in a book by design studio EDHV and presented to the city of Eindhoven.

City As A Laboratory City As A Laboratory City As A Laboratory City As A Laboratory City As A Laboratory